MartieMcNabb-MemoriesOutOfTheBox I have always been interested in people, and how we choose to live our lives. Often while in conversation, I have found that people wanted to show me a photo to illustrate their story. But, more times than not, they could not find the image!

Once, while on a one-hour layover in NC, I visited Susan, who I had not seen in years. She shared that her twin sister had made her the proud aunt of two girls. But, for the next half hour, she ran back and forth, trying to locate her favorite photo!

I asked myself why someone, so obviously excited to be an aunt, had not done something with her photos. That is when the idea of Memories Out of the Box was born.

And Susan is not alone. Our desire to document our lives and tell our stories runs long and deep, but so many of us never get to the telling part. That is why Memories Out of the Box exists: to help you tell the story of your life.