Process-MemoriesOutOfTheBoxDon’t leave your life in that box.

Memories Out of the Box transforms your physical and digital archive into the visual story of your life. We create one-of-a-kind custom heirloom books, albums, or other digital display products, that honor and celebrate your life’s journey. You will receive a well-organized, curated visual legacy to enjoy now, and pass on to future generations.

How does it work?

We start by meeting together, to get to know your goals, vision, style, and purpose, and to see what your box contains. Then we follow three basic steps:
1 – We Organize. With time and thoughtful attention, we sift through these raw materials of your life journey. We watch your unique story begin to unfold. We start to see themes, connections, and relationships. The colors, styles, and moods begin to inspire and mold the design of your final product.

2 – We Curate. Just as a movie takes thousands of hours to make, your archive of thousands of images and words are carefully edited, in order to tell your story most meaningfully and beautifully. Once we are familiar with all the pieces of your visual history, and informed by your vision, then the photos and memorabilia, in essence, choose themselves.

3 – We Create. Your memories are out of the box, and your visual story is organized. The images and documents are chosen. Now it’s time to design and lay out your unique final product, whether it is a printed book, with multiple copies for family members or only one for you; a one-of-a-kind archival scrapbook, with your originals adhered to the pages; a multimedia show, or another type of display product. When you are pleased with the final draft, we will make the final product. You are invited to be as involved in this process as you want to be. You will review and give feedback along the way.